• Fast and easy meeting creation

  • Advanced meeting management controls

  • A complete set of collaborative tools

  • Share and work efficiently

  • Full avatar and room customisation


Clément Merville – President

Computer Science Engineer, HEC graduate

Ubisoft, Kalisto, Orange, Oberon Media

Founder of Manzalab, France’s leading Serious Games company

Sylvain Huet – CTO

Ecole Polytechnique graduate, MIT

Engineer and entrepreneur

Invent, produce and disseminate innovative technologies

Pioneer of virtual worlds / Second World

Founder and CEO, 3D Slash

Vincent Dondaine – COO

16 years in the gaming Industry (Kalisto,  Orange, Vivendi Games Mobile, Bulkypix) 

VR Evangelist 

Our Team

Compatible with


Maurice Leblond – CBO

HEC graduate

Founder of TF1 Video, Film Exec Producer at French TV Network TF1, IP Manager, Publisher

Your VR Conferencing Solution

Teemew is a brand new system allowing you to create and lead meetings in Virtual Reality. Meet in VR from any location and work efficiently with your remote colleagues, using a complete set of collaborative tools.

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